9:00 AM

When I named my blog "Searching for Sanity" people questioned me about it - because on the surface, I am pretty sane.  I'm goofy and sometimes a little off center, but overall sane.  But sometimes... Well... We all have moments and those moments are precisely why I am still searching for my sanity.

First, let me state that I have done loads of bone headed things, but never anything like this.

I walked in the door after work yesterday and Cameryn was running in circles shrieking in the living room.  Chris was standing in the kitchen, shaking his head.  My first thought?  "Good grief, kid, lay off the sugar!"  Followed immediately by, "Why is she always so crazy when her daddy is home?"  And yes, I said both out loud.  Chris didn't answer, he just shook his head and gave me this s.e.g. (shit-eating-grin) look.  The  s.e.g. look of "What in the world were in thinking?  Have you lost your mind?"  I said, "What?  What?"

"Laurin," he said, "I went to get Cameryn some milk.  I open the fridge and there's no 2% milk for Cameryn.  I thought that maybe you threw it away because it had expired, so I grab the skim milk and I go get her a sippy cup out of the cupboard."   He opened the cupboard, and there lined up right next to her sippy cups, was the milk.

As I poured it down the sink, I said, "Gosh, you would think that I was pregnant."  He shot me another one of those looks.  (I'm NOT by the way.)

I laughed.

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