I'm no Wiki page, that's for sure.

3:21 PM

I went to school to teach but never actually did.  I'm not certified and am still not sure that I want to be certified.  I did loads of internships in college, as required, and loved it, but never took that step.  Instead, I chose to coach recreational and competitive gymnastics.  I was a gymnast when I was younger and I still get butterflies when I see an out of this world routine.  Gymnastics, and all of my gymnasts, will always have their own little forever nook inside of me.

The gym that I lived worked at started to dabble in childcare when the owners and some of the employees started to have their own families.  The only logical answer was to start a childcare and there was only one person who was qualified to run it - me.  Almost overnight, I became the Director of a child care center as well as coach and manager.  I taught preschool by day and gymnastics by night.  It was awesome.  But exhausting.

Fast forward a few years.. I have my own kid.  I like teaching her about new things.  We do arts and crafts projects on the weekend.  I use old lesson plans to teach her and guide her.  These moments, though short  lived, create a new dynamic between the two of us, one that I enjoy and look forward to experiencing more of.  I refer to my old textbooks and notes for ideas, lesson plans, and insight into a child's mind.  Sometimes my friends will call me about problems with their kids.  I'm not an expert.  I have no more knowledge than what I can find in a book or on wikipedia (and it must be true if it's on wikipedia.  Right?! HA!)

Thank goodness for the blog world.  I am reaching out to you!

CC is a female 4th grade student in a SC public school who has been struggling with some sort of undiagnosed learning disability since her early school years.  Her teachers and parents have questioned whether or not to hold her back a grade since the first grade, and always decide, together, that the best answer is no.  After speaking with the school and CC's doctor, CC had a sleep test, was diagnosed with apnea and had her tonsils and adenoids removed in hopes that uninterrupted sleep would help her advance.  Did it help?  Well, she doesn't get strep anymore but her daily work at school is still suffering.  The school has tested her, but she does not qualify for special education classes.  instead, CC is pulled from her class to have one on one teaching for an hour and a half each day.  The school psychologist has met with CC and didn't find anything unusual or anything to be concerned about.  No one has answers, yet CC is still struggling.  Her grades are terrible and all parties are extremely concerned.  Her parents work with her daily and on the weekends for several hours helping her with school work.  She has had private tutors and private summer schooling for the past several years.  Today CC's mom met with her teachers and gained no additional information on the cause, diagnosis, or plan for the future.  No one has any answers or any ideas as to what to do next.  

If any of you have any information on LD's, LD testing, private testing centers or any ideas at all, please comment or message me.  We need all the help we can get!

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