What I'm Loving Wednesday

10:49 AM

Today I am loving all of the funny emails that have made their way to my inbox! I received an email at work yesterday that had me laughing so hard my coworkers came to ask if I was okay!  Gotta love the auto correct on your phone when sending a text!  This morning I received an email from 'Parenting' and it contained this - some of THE most ridiculous parenting products ever.  Once again, I laughed. 

I love the season. I love driving with the windows down and feeling the sunshine on my face.  I love warm breezes through my windows at home.  I love blooming flowers.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass.  I love that spring brings a new beginning for all of us.

I love that Cameryn has been a much better listener this week.  Last week was so challenging I wasn't sure that any of us would make it out alive!  This week she has been such a good girl and actually found a purpose for her ears.  For example, I hate that she sticks her tongue out and blows raspberries, I find it extremely disrespectful. I know that she learned it at school while playing with her friends, but I cannot stand when she does it and have asked her not too.  Last week she kept doing it.  This week, I have asked her once and she has not done it again!  She has also been very sweet and nothing melts my heart more than hearing her say "Mommy, I love you so much!"

I love hearing stories like THIS and THIS.   Miracles do happen.

What are you loving today?

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