Sunday Shenanigans

9:54 AM

Sunday would have been my grandfather's 100th Birthday!  My mom sang a solo at church in his honor and Chris, Cameryn and I were there to support her.  She did a fantastic job!

Cameryn was very excited about going to "Gramma's church" (the church that I grew up in) and was repeating "Baby Jesus is coming!  Big Jesus is coming" over and over throughout the service.  We always sit in the very back pew in front of the choir (so Cameryn can see my mom) and the choir members got a big kick out of her enthusiasm for Jesus.

I took Cameryn up for the children's service.  She was a little shy and didn't want to sit with the rest of the children (who were all several years older than her) so we just sat on the very front pew instead of on the floor.  She did participate in counting to forty when talking about how many days there were in Lent.  Pastor had a special "gift" for them - a coin with a Lenten prayer on it.  I told Cameryn that she would need to go get her coin by herself, so she jumps off my lap to get her coin and grabbed the coin right out of Pastor's hands while he was reading the prayer!  He laughed and kept talking and he told the kids that they could keep the coin with them at all times, that Jesus was with them at all times, that they could keep keep the coin with them in their pocket or their purse.  So, what does my child do?  She stands at the front of the church, lifts up her dress, and puts the coin in her diaper.   Because that was the only pocket she had.  

God bless her!

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