What I Loved Wednesday

9:37 AM

Yes, it's Thursday.  So what?

I'm loving that I feel strong and healthy.    I'm on the right path.  I have been eating right.  Sleeping enough.  I have been getting up at 5am or working out after Cameryn goes to bed.  I love feeling the sweat pour off of me, getting rid of the gristle and grime, and participating in pure "DNA removal".  Sometimes I pound pavement outside, but lately I have been doing videos.  Here's a few that I am loving right now:

Bob Harper Inside Out Method, Pure Burn and Cardio Conditioning- Each disc has one, one hour video and one, twenty minute video.  They make my muscles sore and many times I want to reach inside the tv and smack his pretty face!

P90X Kenpo... I have the entire collection but I love this workout!

The Tracy Anderson Method Post- Pregnancy Workout.  Ignore that fact that she looks like a lollipop head - This is tough.  And effective.

I'm loving that Splinter finally got his new cage.  He's a happy hamster.

I always love this munchkin and her silly faces!

What about you?  What are you loving today?

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