Please excuse the madness of this doped up white girl.

11:29 AM

I hate pollen.  Not only does it make everything an ugly shade of green, it makes me feel like someone has been jackhammering in my head.  My throat is tight.  My eyes are gooey.  My ears hurt.  Ugh.  So I go to Publix and purchase allergy meds and I get carded more for allergy meds than I do for vodka.  You have to sign your life away for allergy meds.  The allergy meds also make me feel a little loopy. 


"Wake up, Laurin, it's time to get your Jane Fonda on."  Isn't that a lovely way to wake up at 5am?  I am glad that my husband supports my new, improved work out habits, but the snickers that come while working out are difficult to ignore!  I'm not the most coordinated person in the world.  I have a difficult time moving my arms one direction and lunging in another.  I feel like I am tangled in fishing wire and therefore the entertainment value at 5am is awesome.  I'm not seeing any results (yet!) but I know whatever I am doing is working because my glutes are so sore it hurts to sit, or stand, or be still.  Which, in turn, makes sitting at my desk all day slightly uncomfortable.  I need one of those donuts for people who have hemorrhoids.


Remember the mirror that I said that I loved?  My mom found two almost identical mirrors on sale at a little shop that was going out of business!  I am so excited to get them next weekend and hang them up i our house soon!   I'll be sure to take pictures as soon as Chris has time to hang them!


Chris has had several interviews lately, but no luck.  Keep your fingers crossed that something comes his way soon.  The good news is that the interviews are coming more frequently than before.  We know -we're lucky he has a job.  He just doesn't like his job.


We had fish tacos last night for dinner.  I didn't use a recipe.  I just threw a little of everything in a pan and gobbled them up.  Total yumminess.  Does anyone have a recipe that they actually use?

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