Welcome to Searchy Boot Camp!

9:46 AM

I posted this sometime ago and it still holds true - my mom's house has officially gone to the dogs as she has no control.   The bouts of chaos turned into several trips to the doggy ER and the final straw was 14 staples in the Cocker Spaniels leg.  The dogs were then separated at all times in different areas of the house.  They couldn't walk past each other without growling.  My mom kept leashes on them so that if they did decide to fight, she could grab a leash and pull them off without having to risk being bit herself.  My mom was at our house over the weekend and the whole thing was such a pain in the ass trying to juggle her two dogs.  The Cocker Spaniel would shake violently and growl each time that the Bulldog would walk by.  My mom is stressed out and worn out.  So, after much discussion, it was decided - Gracie the Cocker Spaniel has been enrolled at Searchy Boot Camp until further notice.

My house now contains one nutty two year old.  A 115+lb St. Bernard.  A 115+lb Bullmastiff.  A 24lb Cocker Spaniel.  A Husband.  A hamster.  And one momma who is clutching a bottle of Shiraz.

It's a lot of moving slobbery, hairy, opinionated beings in one house.

We all like Gracie.  She's become my running partner too, which is nice.  She gets some energy out and I get someone to help me pace myself at 5am!  She's learning not to get on furniture and that her place is on the floor (though she does sneak up on our bed in the middle of the night.  Not cool.)  She's learning that when we are outside that she cannot become obsessed with the ball and drop it in holes that are meant for plants.  She's learning not to run full speed when coming in from outside.  She's learning that she's not in charge- we are.  She's learning how to be a dog.  Both dogs had been put on a pedastool at my mom's house, with very little discipline and exercise.  My mom is working with the bulldog and a behavioral trainer in the meantime with the hopes that Gracie can integrate into their house again.  Upon Gracie's graduation from Searchy Boot Camp, the next step will be for my mom to enroll and graduate as well.  That should prove to be extremely difficult.

I think that all of us are prepared for Gracie to stay with us permanently.

No one will be happier than Cameryn, who was in tears when she realized that my mom left without Gracie and insisted that "Gramma forgot her!"  Now, Cameryn and Gracie are buddies.  Cameryn throws the toy for Gracie and loves that Gracie will bring it back to her and drop the toy on command.  She loves that Gracie will sit with her.  Most of all, Cameryn really loves that she is finally bigger than a dog!

So, my dream of having another child... yeah, well... Kind of on the back burner.  The house is full.  Who needs kids when you can just have another dog?

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