Stylin' and Profilin'

1:31 PM

Cameryn has found a new favorite pair of shoes.  Shoes that she really likes to wear with cotton pants, a t- shirt and white socks.

She started the trend sometime last week.
I came home from work and there she was standing in the kitchen with gray capris, a t-shirt, white socks and brown shoes.  I couldn't help but laugh at her!  She looked like an old man going to get his mail!  However, Cameryn didn't find it so funny and started crying because I hurt her feelings by laughing.  Oops.

Yesterday, Cameryn stayed home with my mom.  They played outside and planted flowers.  Cam took a late nap and was still sleeping when I got home at 5 (and surprisingly, she wasn't up late either!)  I woke her up and peeled the covers off of her and laughed - she went to sleep in her pj pants, t-shirt, white socks, brown shoes, and a plastic orange bracelet. 

We took this beautiful mess of a girl out to dinner like this too.  She was so proud!

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