In case you were wondering...

4:11 PM

My pet peeves list expanded again today. 

Pet Peeve # 579:  FB Posts like this:  Copy this and put it in your status if you know someone or have heard of someone who knows someone or have heard of someone who may know someone, or if you dont know anyone or even if you have just heard of someone who doesn't know anyone then do still copy this...most people wont, buts its important to spread the message♥♥..oh yeah and the hearts for f**ks sake dont forget the hearts ♥♥

Pet Peeve #578:  When someone calls me and I have to keep repeating myself because they have absolutely no interest in what I am saying. Either tell me that I am boring or just tell me that you called to talk about yourself.

I cannot be the only one who has pet peeves. 
I just can't. 

So, share with me, what are some of yours?

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