Playful Planet Yoga

1:00 PM

I did a yoga DVD with Cameryn.  I am not a huge yoga fan because I have the attention span of a four year old (as proved during this video) but I do love a good stretch.  This DVD consists of two twenty minute workouts, Save the Whale and the Condor Trek.  Cameryn chose to do Save the Whale first and ended up just watching the video while I performed the workout and Chris sat on the couch laughing.  Cameryn said that the video was taking hours and she didn't like it. 
Cameryn and I looked through the book that came with the DVD.  The book that tells the story of the Condor Trek and also shows the kids how to perform each pose.  It's creative, the kids pretend to be the animals that they meet along the way - a snake, crocodile, wolf, mountain lion, and of course, the condor.  She was a little more interested in this story and decided that she wanted to try this video.

She did great!  She really tried to perform each pose, though at times she just sat and watched the weird yogi dude on the video, and her favorite pose was the mountain lion.  The animal poses were performed all together at the end, much like the sun salutations in normal yoga (think P90x warm-up yoga.)

Cameryn said that she enjoyed the condor trek video and that she wanted to do it again.  I think she'll enjoy the whale video next time now that she understands the concept of yoga.  Yoga is a great way to exercise with Cam while teaching her patience, which she definitely needs a few lessons on!  It was also a great way for ME to stretch after a run.  I think she'll do this video on those rainy days when she needs to burn some energy or while I am cooking dinner.  It's definitely not something that she'll choose to do everyday, it's just too "slow" for her (my thoughts exactly, kid.)

Disclaimer:  I was sent all of the materials referenced but I was not asked to review this video and all opinions are my own.

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