Birthday Roadtrip

9:25 AM

What a weekend.  Wow.

We were invited to a birthday party for Emme in Charlotte.  Frank and Jenn are some of our closest friends from college so we definitely wanted to see them.  Chris had to work and Stephanie had to work, so Spam and I piled all four kids in the Suburban and went on a little road trip.  The kids did really well.  Minimal whining but lots of excitement.  Cameryn was the only one who napped on the way to the party, which was surprising since both the other three kids definitely needed a nap! 

Yes, Jordin was in the car.  And yes, we were parked for all of those car safety, seat belt freaks who patrol blogs and instagram just to leave comments.

We made it to Charlotte in about an hour and a half thanks to my lead foot.  Spam and I chatted the entire way while the girls played on our phones and William and Jordin just made noise. 

The kids had a great time at the party.  I was a little concerned how Cameryn would react to gymnastics but she didn't hesitate at all and jumped right on the equipment and performed skills without any hesitation at all.

I love how at ease she looks in this picture.  And the coach in me is so proud of her correct hand placement!!
I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because Jordin was everywhere!  She loved crawling all over the gym and even walked a little on her own.  She also found a few laps to sit on.

Frank and Jenn didn't make it to the party.... Jenn was in labor!!  They had been at the hospital since 5:15am.  Frank came up to the gym during the party because he was starving (and Jenn told him not to bring food back into the hospital because it would have been torture for her).  He was at the party for 20-30 minutes and updating their parents on her progress when she called and said that he had to get back to the hospital right now because she was 9cm!  Frank Anthony Buyna IV was born about an hour later!  Such an exciting day.
We stopped to see Janette and Kyle after the party.  I was also finally able to meet Jess!  Cameryn adores Janette and was so excited to see her.  The pit stop to visit them was a little chaotic to say the least.  The kids were running around crazy, they were tired and hungry.  Cameryn didn't want to leave and was hanging all over Janette and Jess. I was actually a little embarrassed at her behavior.  She's been struggling with listening lately and it was extremely apparent most of the day on Saturday.  William chased after Mojo the dog, which is totally unlike him.  Madison cried because she was terrified of Mojo, which was typical.  Jordin just wanted to climb the stairs.  The visit was short and chaotic but at least I got to hug some of my favorite people and really, that's all the matters.
Jordin is thisclose to walking full time.  She spent most of yesterday toddling around the house, standing and clapping to music, or grabbing everything within her reach.  She is walking more often than not and she took 18-20 steps in a row yesterday and walked across our entire living room to get to Chris.  She also developed an obsession with shoes.  She discovered Madison's mary jane sneakers on Saturday night and repeatedly tried to put them on.  I gave her a pair of shoes yesterday and she sat for 15 minutes just taking them off and on.  Watching her do it over and over is the funniest thing.  She sticks her little tongue out while she is concentrating and I'm kinda amazed and her hand-eye coordination.
She's four days away from being a toddler and not a baby. 

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