Advocare Cleanse- Day 2

4:36 PM

I was pleasantly shocked to see that I lost a pound in one day!  
I have an awesome flip-flop feet tan going on.
What I ate:
Breakfast:  Fiber drink + another glass of water, strawberries and a banana
Snack:  I skipped it.  I was at a doctor's appointment with Jordin and I totally forgot to pack a snack for me.  All I brought for her was cheerios (I usually have a fruit pouch too but left it on the table at home) so I couldn't even snag one of her snacks!
Lunch:  I made a salad that consisted of chickpeas, black beans, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and basil.  I'm not sure if we can eat chickpeas, but whatever, it was filling.
Snack:  Grapes and strawberries
Dinner:  More of the salad that I had for lunch but I added carrots and had a side of fruit too.  Cameryn and Chris had burgers and fries for dinner and I felt like I was being slightly tortured because I could have devoured a burger.  And I don't even really like burgers that much.
Snack:  None.
Exercise:  1 mile run with Cameryn and the dog.  We didn't run fast so I don't really feel like this was a "workout."
Water:  Probably not enough
I felt okay all day but I was hungry, almost starving, by bedtime.  I spent five hours of my day in conference calls yesterday and I definitely didn't eat enough since I was trying to talk/listen/eat at the same time. 
I'm hoping that I remember to eat a little more Day 3.  I'm not used to eating every 2-3 hours, even though it's a small meal, and I definitely need to consume more water.
I'm looking forward to getting in more of a workout on Day 3.  I've been so slammed at work and with doctor's appointments that I haven't been able to fit anything in unless it's after the kids go to bed at 8pm.  Day 3 might have an 8pm workout whether I want one or not because I know that cardio will kick start the cleanse too!

Day 1

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