Here I am.

9:53 AM

Cameryn never went back to gymnastics.  I didn't push it.  She doesn't talk about her gymnastics classes, her teachers, or even the shiny trophy that sits atop her dresser.  It's in the past, we've moved on.  So be it.  We have a party this weekend at a big box gym in  Charlotte, NC and it should be interesting to see how she responds.


While I'm in Charlotte this weekend, I'm stopping by the BFF's house to see her cute, pregnant belly.  I'll also, finally, get to meet her sister Jess who's been my bloggy friend for awhile.  Jess and I are also planning the BFF's baby shower brunch together with another cute lady.  I'm in charge of food so if anyone has any must have's for baby shower food, please send recipes my way.


We had a little birthday party for Jordin over the weekend with Chris's family while they were in town for Cameryn's preschool program.  I had such high hopes for Jordin and her smash cake but she hated it.  Didn't want to touch it at all.  Chris took her hand and smashed it into her cake and her little face wrinkled up and she let out a big wail.  She didn't want to eat her cake either.  She did enjoy a broken up cupcake the next day so maybe it's just the smash part she's not a fan of.

We're having another little party for her next weekend and we're going all out with a Minnie Mouse theme.  Jordin adores the mouse. 


I posted a pic of Jordin's birthday present and I had a couple of people ask me about where it is from.  The pool is made by Intex and you can order it here.  Cameryn and Jordin both enjoyed it.  The slide is a little short for Cameryn but she went down it no less than 50 times on Sunday.  I like that it has two separate areas so that Cameryn can splash around without soaking Jordin.  There is a ring toss, ball toss game and a water sprayer that attaches to the hose. 


  And yes, Jordin went in the pool fully clothed with a regular diaper on.  Obviously, she didn't mind.


I have written a letter to Cameryn for her birthday each year and it's already time to write a letter to Jordin for her first birthday.  I'm not even sure where to begin but the post will be up on June 14.


 I went bathing suit shopping.  And my conclusion is that I need to buy a boob job.


Has anyone ever done a cleanse?  I'm going to do the Advocare cleanse with Raven.  I received my cleanse products last week.  I know that most of the girls are starting Monday, June 10, but because of Jordin's party next weekend, I'm going to start the cleanse on Monday, June 17.  I'm not expecting drastic results but cleaning out my insides sounds fun.  I already eat pretty clean and the only thing I will have trouble with is probably the lack of coffee creamer.  I'm not giving up coffee.  I only drink a cup a day anyhow.  I'm also looking forward to getting rid of the sugar cravings that have taken over my body the past week or so. 

The cleanse is only for 10 days.  You can do anything for 10 days! 

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