Advocare Cleanse - Day 1

3:04 PM

I started the cleanse yesterday.  I joined along with Raven and several other bloggers.  Most of them started a week ago and actually, tomorrow is their last day.  I decided to start a week later because I knew that I would want to enjoy celebrating Jordin's birthday over the weekend.  I am going into this with NO expectations mainly because after reading up on the "approved" foods list and the "meal plan guide" I realized that my eating habits aren't that bad.  I consume a lot of fruits and veggies and usually only eat carbs (whole wheat toast) in the morning.  Sure, I have an occasional burger on the weekend but I'm not a big sandwich eater and I don't chow down chips or anything.  I would like to rid myself of the sugar cravings, especially after three weeks of birthday parties, and I think that the cleanse should help do that.
Here are my stats before the cleanse:
Waist: 28"
Hips:  38"
Weight:  133.2
Here's how my day went: I wake up and open my fiber drink packet.  I've been following the Facebook posts of our cleanse group so I was wise to the fact that I should mix it 50% OJ and 50%water.  I used my stick blender so it wouldn't be chalky and lumpy and I sucked all 8oz down with a straw.  Was it tasty?  HELL NO.  Was it terrible?  Definitely not.  I wouldn't want to drink it everyday, but for six days it's do-able.  The fiber drink did get my system going and I'll leave it at that.
Pre-breakfast:  Fiber drink + 1 glass of water
Breakfast:  Two eggs with spinach and tomatoes, coffee
Snack:  Strawberries and blueberries
Lunch:  A giant salad with a ton of veggies
Snack:  More berries, plus a banana
Dinner:  Another giant salad
Snack:  Strawberries
Water:  too much to count
I did eat my last snack of fruit after 6pm, which I learned I wasn't supposed to do.  OH WELL.  I felt fine all day.  No nausea, no headaches, no hunger.  I was tired by 9pm and I did sleep well.  I hope that every day on the cleanse is this easy!

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