11:57 AM

I took Cameyrn to the Dorfler's house on Saturday so the kids could play and Spam and I could watch the Carolina game (Stephanie and Chris were both working.)  The girls were outside blowing bubbles on the screened in porch and asked if they could play in the water table.  Three minutes after filling up the water table we found them sans clothes! {Yes, that is my child in the table!}

So we decided that the little pool might be a better option.

We thought that they looked like little fire-ladies holding the water hose!  Spam and I just laughed because we know that there are two little troublemakers in our future!

Sunday Cameryn went through seven wardrobe changes.  She insists on wearing her PJ's at home but if we leave the house again she must put on a clean outfit.  This outfit is her favorite.  The "dress" is actually the top of an outfit that has matching pants.  The top was a little big at the beginning of the summer so she was able to wear it as a dress and now that is a little short she pairs it with a blue skirt.  I cannot say that I am disappointed that she will not be able to wear this dress again this week!  I am so tired of seeing it on her!

Yesterday she completed the look with a matching pink elephant backpack that contained a stuffed Christmas dog inside.

She always keeps us laughing!  Love her!

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