Picture Dump.

11:36 AM

Today, I'll share with you the grainy, blurry and random photos from my cell phone.  Fun, huh? 

This is what I do on my lunch break. I try on funny hats and masks at Target. 

Notice the Christmas cards behind me?

Shana wasn't as adventurous as me.

I stumbled upon this empty beauty in the stairwell of our office.  Someone had a better lunch than I!

They making cooking near impossible. 

My husband sent me this.  With the caption, "Too cool to pee."

She's now a U-Haul truck driver. 

My husband sent me these pics of 'Bud', his friend's dog.

Another one from the husband.  This little guy has puppy breath.  I love puppy breath.  Am I weird?

Ice cream date with me.  She loves cones.

Cameryn's Halloween costume from 2009 that she HAD to put on over the weekend.

Another one of those lunch break trips to Target.  This photo serves as a reminder as to why I don't wear skinny jeans.

There you have it, peeps.  The life and times of me and my phone.

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