I remember.

10:03 AM

I remember how I felt on September 10, 2001, basking in the sunshine and living up the college life, taking people and life for granted, and not knowing how our world would change the next day. 

I remember September 11. 
It was a beautiful morning with crystal clear, bright blue skies.  Later, our land was attacked and fear was written on every face.  The world around me was shocked and silent and we were glued to the tv watching chaos unfold and wondering who?  why?  how our world would change.  I watched a dear friend of mine frantically try to call his father and brother who worked in NYC.  I watched his face fall when he kept getting busy signals.  I watched his eyes fill with tears and felt tears fall from mine when he finally heard their voice.  I remember sitting on the couch with friends, all 6 of us, watching, praying, holding on.  Not knowing.

I remember hearing President Bush say, "New York, Pennsylvania, and D.C. - I hear you.  The world hears you.  And soon, the people responsible for the attacks will hear us."

I remember the heroes of September 11:  The children that lost their parents.  The parents who lost their children.  The many, many rescue workers who tried to be so strong, so fearless, collapse and cry.  Only to stand up, stronger.

And I will never forget.
May God bless you today.
And may God Bless America.

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