Defining the Moments

10:12 AM

Cool, crisp mornings make me crave big cable knit sweaters, warm cups of coffee, and the yummy scent of home baked goodies radiating from the kitchen.  I want to snuggle a little deeper under the covers.  I want to see the leaves change color and inhale the scent of the earth.  I want to plant mums and decorate pumpkins.  Drink hot apple cider.  I love the way that the light changes from a bright, bright sunny yellow to a silvery shine in the fall.  Light changes your perspective.  Fall makes me want 'feel' more.  Love more.  Be more.  Fall is teasing us today, it's too early for fall in SC, but I can feel it deep in my soul.  Waiting.  Wanting.

My best friend called me this morning on the way to work, like she does so many mornings during the week.  Our short phone calls are a great way to start the day before the chaos of work and everyday life takes over.  This morning she told me that she was laid off yesterday afternoon.  My immediate thought was, "How terrible!  What are you going to do?  Are you okay?  I am so sorry!  What do you want me to do?"  She, however, took a different approach.  She explained that she hadn't been happy in her position for some time, so it was a relief really.  She was at peace last night.  She said that today she is going to enjoy the silence of her home.  Enjoy a cup of coffee.  Watch the wind blow.  Take a nap.  Because she can.  

I loved her glass-half-full approach.  She could be focusing on everything that is bad right now - Job!  Insurance!  Kids!  Bills!  Trying to sell a house!  Instead, she's taking time to enjoy her life and enjoy the moments. 

I learned so much from her this morning in just a few short minutes.  I was reminded that God has his own journey for us, his own plan. Without it, we'd know his plan, and we would be a blank, boring slate.  Our faith would be non-existent because we wouldn't need it.  We cannot learn or grow without traveling through the journey, the tests, the trials, the tears.  The journey makes us who we are and our faith in Him defines the moments.

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