Little Girl. Big World.

11:00 AM

We spent the weekend in Atlanta with my mom, brother, sister-in-law and niece.  We had a wonderful time!  We arrived Friday around 7pm and went to dinner where everyone ate and then proceeded to fall asleep at the table. Saturday we loaded everyone in my mom's car and headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  Cameryn and Quinn were running from one "big fish" to another.  Cameryn spent a lot of time in front of the Beluga Whale tank - they are such beautiful creatures!

Little Girl.  Big World.

There is a big outdoor area outside of the Aquarium next to the World of Coca-Cola.  We let the girls run wild for about a half hour.

There was a mall connected to our hotel.  Cameryn loved to watch the fountains while waiting for dinner. 

Brooke and Eric gave Cameryn an early birthday present.  When Brooke asked me what Cameryn wanted I said, "Cameryn doesn't need anything.  But if you can find this cat she will be the happiest little girl in the world." 
And she was! 
Cameryn has been eyeing this cat for months.  Madison has one and when we go to play at her house, Cameryn walks around with this silly little cat and cries when we cannot take it home.  When Cameryn opened her gift she gasped and said, "Mine?!  All mine?  I can take it home with me?  And it can sleep in my bed?"  She has not let the cat out of her sight since. 

Brooke and I have been friends since we were 3.  She has lost over 100lbs in the past year.  I am SO proud of her!  Doesn't she look great?!

Brooke's parents were like my faux-parents growing up.  Cameryn had no problem loving them as much as I do.  Chris (Brooke's mom) provided a lot of entertainment while waiting for our dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  (I ate a small salad for dinner.  Why?  I freaking love the red velvet cheesecake!)  Cameryn even told me that she wanted to 'take that lady home'.  I told Andy, Brooke's dad, and he said, "I knew I loved that kid!  I have been trying to get rid of Chris for years!" 

Sunday we didn't have any plans in Atlanta, but we cannot go any town without checking out their zoo.  So, off to the Atlanta Zoo we went.

The Atlanta Zoo is known for their gorilla and panda exhibits.  Cameryn had never seen a panda before and I thought that she would be more excited about them but she wasn't intrigued.  I was.  They are so pretty!

Cameryn loved the petting zoo and touched every single goat or sheep in the park (I'll spare you the pics because I think my husband snapped a pic of each one!)   There was a billy goat that was having a snack and some kids were petting it on it's back.  They walked away and Cameryn tried to pet it and it head butted her in the tummy!  She laughed, tried to pet it again, and it did it again!  So funny!

We had a great weekend in Atlanta with our family!  

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