Mission Accomplished.

10:09 AM

I told Chris at the beginning of the summer that instead of driving to our friend's house for dinner that I was going to run.  I also told him that I wanted to complete this goal before I got pregnant (again).  I did get pregnant but God had his own plan and he gave me second chance at my goal.  I took full advantage of that second chance last night.

I decided sometime between the office and our house that I was going to complete this run and I quickly told Chris before I chickened out.  He looked at me like I was nuts but said, 'Okay, be careful, we'll leave here 25 minutes behind you.'

I rocked it. 

I completed my one and only summer goal: Running to dinner. 

The distance wasn't an issue, I can easily run 3.1 miles.  The route was killer and complete with hills that a skier would be envious of, there was no shoulder and the road was busy.  I paced myself with 10 minute miles, I'm not a fast runner, especially uphill!

The busy road, lack of a shoulder, and hills... none of it mattered. 

I loved every single step.

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