I did a happy dance...

3:11 PM

 The roommates from hell are gone!  I seriously felt like running around my house naked, just because I could, but I didn't, because it's just too much junk flapping in the wind.  Chris and I talked about it last night and we both agreed that it was her that had the major issues.  He was very appreciative and thanked us multiple times when leaving last night.  Her gratitude, as expected, went unexpressed.  We also think that he had no idea what she was doing when no one was home.

Her parting gifts to us?  A broken soap dish from Thailand (so it's not like I can replace it).  She ate 3/4 of the leftovers.  And, this may be my favorite of them all, she ate half-eaten cupakes.  Seriously.  My mom purchased some special cupcakes for Cameryn who ate the iced animals off of them and put them back in the box.  The [female] roommate from hell decided that they looked yummy and ate them.  I, being the super bitch that I am, can only hope that she catches the nasty disgusting cough that Cameryn has now.  I haven't even been upstairs to check out the guest room.  Fun times are ahead, I'm sure.  I've got my bottle of Lysol ready though.  Chris did tell me 'thank you' last night.  And I said, "For what?  Being civil?"  He just laughed. 

My mom and I got into a fight over the weekend while Cameryn and I were visiting.  She had been making snide remarks about everything and everyone under the sun, particulary about my brother and dad, and I just couldn't contain myself anymore.  Since my parents divorced my mom and I have had a marathon uphill battle to rebuild our relationship.  I let her know, after two days of shitty comments, that she had to stop.  She was, once again, putting me in a position where I may pull away and not speak to her because I was still her child.  I didn't want to hear her talk crap about my family nor did I want her to yell and scream in front of Cameryn.  (She's incapable to "talking"- yelling, screaming and crying is more her style.)  She has yet to come to terms with the fact that even though they are divorced my dad and his side of the family are still my family, and the things that happened to her, did not happen to me.  It's such a mess. 

The jist of it is, and has always been, that she has two choices:  She can move on and be happy or she can continue to live in the past and let the past define who she is now.  It's her choice.  I just hope that she decides soon because my tongue is beginning to blister.  I called her today, to talk about something else, and she was still giving me the cold shoulder.  

So, yeah.  That's what is going on now.  And it's got my head and my heart all screwed up.  Again.

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