Oh, How Pinteresting!

11:57 AM

This week I have been pinning (You can follow me here) birthday ideas for Cameryn's third (OMG! She's going to be three?!) birthday.  I don't really want to ask Cameryn what kind of party she wants because I think she'll say Cars, or Scooby-Doo, or Princess and it bores me to death to have plan another cartoon party and since I'm paying for it I should have some say, right?!  So, when I started seeing a rainbow theme pop-up here and there, I thought it was perfect for several reasons:  The theme is easy, there's no running around to five different stores to find a particular candle or tablecloth.  The decorations and leftover supplies can be easily resused for another party.  There will be little "planning" involved since we will be leaving for vacation the next day.  And an added bonus?  I won't have to order a cake that comes with those ridiculous little toys on the top that are fun for a whole five minutes. 

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