The weekend in picture form.

4:12 PM

 1.  We went to the library.

2.  We went to the pool.  For hours.  Cameryn is part fish.

3.  We made yummy, patriotic cupcakes.

4.  Cameryn decided that it was Christmas in July and brought out the "Ho-Ho" jammies.

5.  Cameryn told Porter that he was Yankee Doodle and made him wear her hat.

6.  We made smoothies so thick they put ice cream to shame.

6.  Cameryn hung out in her Pj's.  (Does anyone else's child come home and put on their pj's?  Or, cry when mom and dad get home and they don't have on their pj's?  No?  Just mine?)

7.  We made fun of the dog for sleeping in my closet and resting his head on my comfy to RUN in shoes (all of those pants are now in the laundry basket because they are covered in dog hair.)  It's not the first time he's found comfort in our clothes.

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