The Chair.

11:57 AM

 Today we are moving Cameryn into a "big girl" bed; she's not sleeping well at night and we are pretty sure it's because she's running out of room in her toddler bed.  I love Cameryn's room and all of the special paintings and pictures that make it hers.  I love how bright the colors are. I love the chandelier.  I love the way that it matches perfectly with her huge personality.  Most of all, I love the baby, because she'll always be my baby, that sleeps in it. 

When I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted a rocking chair in the nursery.  I debated over which glider to get and sat in every glider at the baby store.  My mom convinced me to get a recliner instead and I am so glad that I did.  The recliner is bigger than the glider that I had chosen and much more comfortable!  We refer to the recliner as The Chair.

The first song that I ever sang to Cameryn was in The Chair, and it was 'You Are My Sunshine.' 
 I barely made it through the whole song because the tears were flowing down my face as I looked at my sweet baby girl.

Cameryn was diagnosed with RSV at 13 weeks, so Chris and I spent many nights in The Chair holding her upright so that she could breathe and giving her breathing treatments every 4 hours.  

The Chair was our saving grace.

She was never a good sleeper and didn't sleep through the night (more than 4 hours in a row) until well after her first birthday.  So many nights I just curled up and slept in The Chair instead of going back to our bed because I was too exhausted to move my feet.

The Chair is where read books. Where we cry. Where we talk about our day.  We sing songs here.  We laugh here.  As Cameryn got older, she would go into her room for her "quiet" time (her choice, not ours!) and sit in The Chair by herself.

We moved The Chair out of Cameryn's room to make room for her "big girl" bed. 
 Once again, the tears are flowing. 
My baby is growing up.
I love the little lady that she has become, her honestly and openness.
I love that she can talk with me, laugh with me, share with me.
My honest prayer for this little girl is that life always makes as much sense as it does when we sit in The Chair.
I know that there are so many more memories to look forward too.
But there are so many moments, so many memories, that are ingrained in the fabric of this Chair.
I can only hope that The Chair can find a place in our home where more memories are made, more books are read, more songs are sung and more happy tears are cried.

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