10:42 AM

I'm linking up with Jamie today.
You should too.
Or, you could just browse around and see what everyone else is loving.

I'm loving that this recipe book will come out in September!  I have read a few books in "The Cookie Jar" series.  They books are a quick, cute read and the recipes are mouthwatering! 

I'm loving that my first birthday present will arrive today!

I'm loving these packets.  Water can be so boring.

I'm loving these staircases.
I love big staircases. 
Ours is tiny and nothing special.
One day....

I'm loving that Cameryn was so exicted to make my dad a cake for his birthday.
She was also excited to blow out his candle and eat the eat for him.
He lives in Vietnam.  She was doing him a favor.

What are you loving today?

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