10:39 AM

I'm blank.
Not the good, 'clean slate' kind of blank.  The 'everything is nothing, slightly crazy in my mind, too tired to be', kind of blank.

I've got nothing.

Cameryn and I had a pleasant weekend with my mom in Greenville, she adores my mom so when we are there she is a trooper.  Cameryn didn't nap on Saturday and decided that 5:30 am was the perfect time to start the day on Sunday.   She made it a trend by doing it again on Monday.  I'm not a trooper.  I don't like getting out of bed before 6 am. 

The incessant whining of the past few days has my ears bleeding and my nerves shot.  Yesterday afternoon when I got her home from school she laid in the middle of the floor kicking her legs and wailing like a banshee.  After five minutes of chaos, I picked her up and tried to carry her to her room but she was kicking and flapping her arms around so I just put her down and walked away.  She ran up to me and said, "Noooooo!" and when I looked into her eyes, something within was fierce.  She was upset, about what, I have no idea, I don't know if she knew but I knew that trying to discipline her wasn't what she needed, nor what would work.  I picked her up, dodging the jabs, made it to her room, sat in her chair and just held her.  No words were spoken and after a few minutes the wild in her eyes diminished.  I'm really glad that the windows and doors weren't open because the cop that lives next door probably would have come to check to see what kind of demon had joined our household.

It's hot.  When I go outside I worry that my shoes may melt on the sidewalk.  Therefore, I cannot run.  I need to pound pavement.  It's my time.  My escape. 

That's it.
That's all I've got.
I need to run away for an hour. 

Who's with me?

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