Designer Digs

6:00 AM

I have no design sense. 
I cannot look at something and visualize it in a room.
I'm not artistic.  A simple rectangle with a triangle on top to make a house is about as creative as I get. 
Luckily, my friends and family are super creative and they were kind enough to share it with Cameryn when she was born. 

I had been looking at the Serena & Lily catalogue and fallen in love with one of their rooms.  But OMG I could not fathom spending an entire paycheck on bedding for a baby!  I loved the idea of aqua and melon, but it was too grown-up for my baby.  Finally, I decided that her room would be Tiffany blue and hot pink (no bubblegum, pepto bismol inspired digs for this girl!) with some Asian touches.  Luckily, I was able to find some simple hot pink and white bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and I have had no regrets with my color choices.  The only thing that I might have done differently would have been white furniture.  (oh well...)  Chris was somewhat hesitant when I told him the color that I chose for the walls but once it all came together, we agreed that it was fun! 

We have always loved Cameryn's room, it is bright and cheery and filled with special pieces from friends and family.  I'm feeling a little sentimental because she's growing up so fast and I just hope that we will be able to incorporate all of these special items in her big girl room when the time comes.

The Bamboo Panda was painted by Leonard Day - a friend of Chris' mom and step dad, Jim.  Leonard was extremely talented and knew only that Cameryn's room would be Tiffany blue and pink.  He even wrote a short story about the picture, too.  Her name, Cameryn Alexa, and the Chinese characters for Peace, Love and Happiness are written in the fortune cookie paper.  Unfortunately, Cameryn and Leonard were never able to meet as he passed away a few months after she was born.  I hope she knows how lucky she is to have one of his last pieces!

These two paintings were drawn on rice paper in Korea. 

This monogrammed elephant pillow was made by a friend of my mom's.

The picture is blurry, argh!  My dear friend, Janette, hand painted the letters and the picture frame to match the crib sheet.  And yes, the only picture that she had of the bedding was the one from the PBK site.  I had no idea what she was making for Cameryn.  I was in total awe when I opened her gift!  Awesome!

This sweet puppy and rabbit picture was stitched by family friend.

This hangs picture hangs above Cameryn's crib.  I'm sure you've seen the decorative lettering and designs in Target that are all the rave right now -well, this is from a company called Uppercase Living.
You can apply the 'stickers' on anything but fabric.  My mom asked me if I wanted to apply it on the wall or a picture frame.  I didn't know at the time what she was applying, but I didn't want to apply it to the wall because once they come off, you cannot reapply them.  That seemed like a waste of money to me, so I opted to have it placed on a picture frame. 

Bloom Growth Chart from Uppercase Living.  The white makes it difficult to see, but it is a bunch of flowers and butterflies with the words 'bloom' on the right side of the stems.

I am in no way affiliated with Uppercase Living, but I do love their products!  For the entire month of April, they're offering 20% off any order that you place! Simply enter the promotion code SPRINGFEVER on your order, and you’ll automatically receive 20% off. 
I hope it works for you!

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