Road Warriors- Part 1

4:09 PM

Last Wednesday we traveled to PA.  We left the house at 4am with hopes to arrive around 3pm.  Cameryn and Chris were SO excited to go to Allentown and see the family that an hour into the ride Cameryn threw up and not ten minutes later Chris said that he was feeling sick as well.  We stopped several times (for the boy!) and finally I convinced Chris to let me drive.  Yes, you read that correctly.
He let me drive.
The Suburban.
He even slept.  Which is unheard of in his car riding world.

My driving was short lived (but we made up the miles thanks to my heavy foot!) because once we got into the VA Mountains, he woke up and took over. 
Cameryn was a trooper and did not complain one time about being in the car for 11 hours!  (I wish I could say the same about Chris and I.)

We got to PA around 2:45.  It was cold and rainy - not my idea of a vacation!
Chris wanted to eat. 
He had a three slices of pizza.
An entire cheese steak.
And more pizza.
That was just Wednesday night!
We spent the night hanging out with Aunt Joanne and Doug & Ally and Jeff while Bryce, Whitney and Cameryn ran around the house screaming. 
And then they found the slot machine.
At one point all three of the kids were standing around the slot machine.  I laughed and told Ally and Chris that it had to be a Search gene!  It's the only common link.  HA!

Thursday the sun was shining and it was warming up so we made plans to meet with Steve, his fiancee Kat, and their son, Gage.  Gage is 6 weeks older than Cameryn and so sweet.  We had not met Kat or Gage but because of Facebook feel like we have known them for years!  Gage is such a sweet boy! 


We went to Cedar Beach park. 
It was fanfreakingtastic. 
There must have been over 100 people there and though it was loud, it wasn't crowded at all.

Poor Gage, he hates to swing!
But I don't!  Wheeee!

First Gage..

Then Cameryn.


Cameryn wanted to go down the big slide and was scared at first but she loved it...  Until she got her foot caught on the side of the slide and did something funny to her knee.  She cried for about 15 minutes.  She limped around.  I felt terrible for her because what was supposed to be a fun day turned into a day where she couldn't run and play like she normally would.  It was slightly swollen but she insisted that she was okay so we let her keep playing.  But the slide was not her friend anymore....

Slide?  No thanks.

I'm a kid too.

Gage did not want us to leave.

And this is what happens after playing for 3 hours full speed ahead.  Sleep.  At last.

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