What I'm Loving Wednesday

10:05 AM

I'm linking up with Jamie today for another round of WILW!

I love that I was able to spend Easter with my family. 
I love these precious girls.
 Our biggest blessings often come in the smallest packages.

I love that I made my first red velvet cake (for my mom's birthday) and it was so fabulous that it led to a second cake!

I love that Cameryn had three first's over the weekend: 
She made her first bunny cake...

She dyed Easter Eggs...

and she caught her first fish!

I love the inner self-confidence that I feel as of late. 
I just feel good. 
I'm eating healthy.  I'm exercising. 
I am finally learning that I control my own destiny.
I have a drive to be better than I am.

Happy Wednesday to you!
What are you loving today?

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