Mama Chores & Kid Crafts

9:38 AM

I have chores around the house.  Cameryn would rather kick rocks and chase worms than wait around for me to finish my mama chores.  However, she has been very into painting lately.  Which is fine and dandy with me because this mama can clean a bathroom in the 15 minutes that painting will hold her attention!  Cameryn plops down at the kitchen table, protected by old newspapers and magazines,  and then paints her heart out on blank paper and printable coloring sheets (seriously, who actually buys coloring books when you can print them for free?)

Sometimes Daddy joins in the painting fun, but he likes to color on Cameryn.  She's not impressed.


Cameryn got these Melissa & Doug lacing beads for Christmas.  For awhile, they were nothing but colorful building blocks and step stools for her princess barbies.  She has finally mastered how to lace them without help in the past month or so.  Another fun way to keep her occupied while I clean that other bathroom.

How do you keep your kids busy while you run around the house cleaning like a madwoman?

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