Lazy 5

11:48 AM

I love weekends that leave you smiling long after they are over and that's exactly how I feel after this past weekend.  Little moments sneak back into my mind and I am laughing all over again.  We headed up to Charlotte to see our dear friends Janette and Kyle.   Who, by the way, are so ridiculously good looking that standing next to them makes me squirm.  I think its the hair.  They are also so, gooey happy in love (you can read that story here and here). I mean, he bought her roses on Sunday just because.  Sigh.  Newlyweds.

Anyway.  Back to our weekend.

Thankfully, after a Saturday morning of storms, the sun came out and we headed up to the Lazy 5 Ranch.  We had the best time!  We opted to drive through in our truck instead of taking the wagon ride, and of course, my camera battery died first thing.  (Note to self:  CHARGE THE BATTERY BEFORE A TRIP!)  But that didn't stop us from playing paparazzi with the animals who are absoutely the biggest camera hams and so much fun!  They would come right up to the windows for feed and stick their heads in your lap if they thought it would get them some extra grub.  Even the ginormous bull wasn't afraid.. but we were.  There was no way in hell that we were feeding the bull or allowing it to stick its head in our window.  See that bull in the picture below?  Its entire head was in the window of the car in front of us.  Whoa.

Whe had to wait a few minutes to pass the bulls because they were blocking our path, but we passed the bulls slowly with our windows up.  Kyle was turned around in his seat when we passed them and one of the bulls came right up to the window and pressed his giant nose up against the glass.  Kyle had the surprise of his life when he turned around and then had the pleasure of looking at a giant snot print on the glass after that! 

To say that Cameryn was excited is an understatement.  She was so happy and worked up that she was crying at the sight of all of the animals.

The emu.  These birds are just odd.  I'm not a bird fan anyway.  I have this thing about birds.  They just freak me out, it's something about the way that their heads can move in a million different directions but their eyeballs are always watching you.  Gives me the creeps.  So yeah, I wasn't a fan.  Neither was Janette, she'd seriously scream and say "OMG!  I'm freaking out!" These ugly things kept going to her window, that for some reason wouldn't roll up (I think it had something to do with my husband putting on the window lock!) and they would creep up to her window and BAM! scare the crap out of her.  Well, the phrase caught on and Cameryn would say, "Oh my gosh, I'm freaking out!" when she saw a new animal.  So, so funny.

Kyle did feed a buffalo at the end of the trip.  Brave.

We got out of the car and walked through the other part of the ranch to see more goats, birds, the lemurs and kangaroos.  The ranch was so much fun and reasonably priced per person so if you're ever in the Charlotte area, go visit!

We headed back "home" and were greeted by an overwhelming smell of dog poop.  Apparently our dog, Porter, was a little nervous about being alone in their gorgeous, made for HGTV house, and he left piles and piles of crap everywhere.  I was so embarassed because the piles were about as big as their dog, Mojo.  Janette proceeded to spray copious amounts air freshener to try and get rid of the smell.  She succeeded and her house now smells like the entire potpurri section of Pier 1 exploaded in her living room.  Damn dog.  We laughed about it for the rest of the weekend and last night, Janette sent me this right as I was getting into bed.

Saturday night we were able to see more dear friends and their daughter, E.  We ate homemade stromboli with the top secret sauce, we laughed and then we ate more and laughed more.  Cameryn and E are truly two peas in a pod and they had the best time together.  Sweet E gave us the biggest laughs of the evening.  Last weekend when her grandparents were visiting, they took a walk down to the lake near their neighborhood where they sawa few beaver building dams.  E has been obsessed with the beavers ever since and a few days after her grandparents left, they sent a stuffed animal beaver to E, which she named Princess. 

She loves this toy and she has taken it everywhere.  The beaver is not the most cuddly looking stuffed animal, in fact its slightly odd to see her carrying it around, but it makes for wonderful conversation for a bunch of silly adults.   Bless her heart, the adults had so many laughs... Just hearing her say, "Do you want to see my beaver?  Her name is Princess," gave us fits of laughter.  Or, when she noticed that people were staring at her new toy and she asked, "Mommy, why are people staring at my beaver?"  Yes, a bunch of 30 year olds were sitting around laughing at a stuffed beaver.  I never claimed that we were a high class bunch.

Oh, what a wonderful weekend.  Cameryn cried when we left Janette and Kyle.  She then slept the 2 hours home and when she woke up in our driveway, she cried when she realized where we were and said that she wanted to go back.  I promised her that we would go back soon.  And we will!

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