Weekend Round-Up

2:05 PM

I vowed not to do anything this weekend, other than the normal cleaning, since we have been so busy for the past several weeks and have a busy April ahead.  I succeeded. 

Saturday, I told Cameryn that it was a special day with Mommy (this may or may not have been a bribe to get her to run errands with me!)  I purchased some shoes for her on Friday that were too small so we took those back to the store and then I let Cameryn choose where she wanted to go to lunch.  She chose Olive Garden.  She's never been there before and she didn't eat a thing, except for the chocolate at the end.  She said that she wanted spaghetti but ended up ordering mac and cheese, which was really bland so I don't blame her for not eating it!  She likes ordering two drinks when we go out to eat, {white} milk and apple juice, always.  I blame it on my mom who always orders two drinks as well.   We talked about everything and nothing.  She liked talking to the waitress too.  I enjoyed my lunch date with her.  She then asked to go to Target.  Is my three year old the only one who asks to go to Target?  She says that it's her favorite store!  We spent about an hour in the store.  Cameryn saw a lady with a baby in a carseat and insisted that we go look at the baby.  Luckily, the woman was really nice and let Cameryn talk to the baby for five minutes.  Our Target trip didn't end well because someone was getting tired (Me?  Cam?)  Cameryn fell asleep on the way home and she didn't even budge when I carried her from the car to her bed and she slept for a much needed two hours.  I did a little cleaning that afternoon since it was raining.  I did most of the cleaning in Cameryn's room because she told me that she didn't want her Little People in her room anymore.  Sounds crazy, but it made me sad to move them over to her sister's room.  Cameryn loved her Little People and would play with them for hours on end.  Saturday night the thunderstorms rolled through and we had a bad hail storm that lasted for about 25 minutes.  There was no storm damage, but it was still loud and slightly scary!

Sunday the sky was blue but it was a little cooler (62 degrees?!) than we have been used to.  Cameryn has been asking to plant flowers so we headed to Lowe's to purchase the pink, purple, yellow and orange (ew.  I'm so not down with the orange.) flowers that Cameryn wanted.  Thanks to more rain, we had to wait to plant them until later that afternoon.  Cameryn grew tired of planting them about twenty minutes in because she said it was hard work and decided to play in the hose and jump in puddles instead.  She was freezing after puddle jumping so she played in the bathtub for about an hour.  She had a late lunch/early dinner and then fell asleep on the couch at 4pm.  I let her sleep for about an hour and then attempted to keep her awake until Chris came home about 7.  They spent the next hour on Skype with his family.  We decided that Skype is like a virtual babysitter.  Seriously.  Cameryn could have sat there for hours talking to her cousins and grandparents!

And that was our weekend.  Nothing exciting for sure, but it was nice to have a weekend at home and be able to get a few things done around the house (laundry! cleaning!) before all of the madness begins, again.... 

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