My Monday Real

3:48 PM

I traveled this weekend weekend, alone, with a child who packed only their cranky pants.  The last thing that I wanted to do was come home to a dirty house and then cook dinner.  But, I did, because it's what had to be done and by 7:30pm, I was downright exhausted.  My husband was also tired after working 6 days straight and he, like me, hoped for a nice quiet evening.

However, when it comes down to food and bedtime, my husband and I have different opinions.  I'm pretty old school - if I offer food and you don't eat it, that's your problem, not mine.  The kitchen is closed after dinner and a snack.  When it's bedtime, it's bedtime - GO TO SLEEP.  My husband doesn't feel the same way.   He tends to give in to the demands of the little blonde person who lives in our house and pulls at his heart strings. (Which means that I'm in serious trouble with another little blonde person on the way.)

Last night, we had dinner and Cameryn chose not to eat.  I reminded her that if she didn't eat she would be hungry at bedtime.  She acknowledged that and said that she wasn't hungry (and it was definitely a meal that she liked!)  One hour later, bedtime rolls around, I tuck her in, say goodnight, and ten minutes later she is crying because she is hungry.  I go to her room, remind her of her decision not to eat dinner, and tell her that she can eat in the morning.  Did it hurt my heart to see her sitting there crying?  Sure.  But I also feel that she has to learn that when food is offered you should eat, especially dinner.  I also feel as if she just didn't want to go to bed and was thinking of every possible thing to stay awake.  She cried for a few more minutes and when she started screaming I went back into her room.  She told me that she made a bad decision by not eating her dinner and that now she was hungry.  I told her, again, that she could eat in the morning.  Did she like my answer?  No, of course not.   She was hungry, starving, and definitely didn't want to go to bed.

My husband didn't like my answer either.  He said that letting her go to bed hungry was just downright mean, and less than two minutes later my child was sitting at the table eating a banana and a fruit bar.   Personally, I would have rather given her brussel sprouts and a jelly sandwich, both of which she does not like, because if she was that hungry she would have eaten it anyway.

I was annoyed, threw up my hands, rolled my eyes, and walked away.  What lesson did she learn exactly?  That whatever Mommy says is total bullshit and that she should just ask Daddy next time?  Or that midnight snacks are acceptable?  What's next - cake for breakfast?!   My husband and I agree on most things, definitely not everything because we're adults, with opinions about how to raise our children.  While we're a parenting team 95% of the time, food and bedtime definitely fall into that other 5%.

Sometimes this parenting thing totally blows and I just want to lock myself in a closet with a bottle of vodka and a couple of limes.  Especially when you're parenting cute little blonde girls with big blue eyes...

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