Party Time!

11:03 AM

Cameryn and I spent the weekend in Greenville to celebrate my niece's second birthday.  Cameryn and Quinn are so different, yet so alike.  Quinn is so tall and petite (thanks to both her mom and dad!) while Cameryn is a bit more stocky.  Both have strong, fiery personalities.  They both love their baby dolls but also love motorcycles!  I just love seeing them together!

Quinn was excited about the balloons and her wagon!

The Bitty Baby and stroller was a big hit!  She didn't let it out of her sight!

Cameryn loved Quinn's drum set.

Cameryn is actually pretty good and can hold a beat. 

Cameryn loves her Uncle Zach and his toys...

She wasn't thrilled about the mini-four wheeler though!

Showing Aunt Tina her necklace.

Birthday princess!

My mom gave Quinn this outfit and Quinn immediately took off her dress and put this on.  She is such a girly girl!

Cameryn played in Quinn's room by herself for about an hour.

Zach called Quinn "Bozo the Clown" when she came out with this outfit on!

Cameryn cleaned the swing so that she could put the stuffed rhino in.

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Sweet girl.  She carried her plate over to the couch and sat to eat her cake like this, all by herself, while everyone else was playing.

Happy Second Birthday, Quinn!

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