The Birthday Party.

4:19 PM

Cameryn had several celebrations for her third birthday party.  My nephew didn't quite understand why she had 3 parties.  He thought that each time she had a party, she turned another year older!  He wasn't thrilled about that since he will be five in February and by the end of the week, after three separate celebrations, in his mind, Cameryn would have turned five too! 

Cam's first celebration, with most of her friends (and mine!) was on Saturday before our trip to Florida.  Since she received so many gifts in the mail (she's such a spoiled little girl!) we let her open up some of them the night before her party so she didn't get overwhelmed.  My dad sent everything via Amazon and they come gift wrapped in giant bags, no matter what size the box is inside, that she liked crawling in.

Obviously, she's excited about her light up Rapunzel doll.

The balloon wreath!

Cameryn wanted a princess cake.  I refused to pay $60 for the cake that she wanted.  I made her a cake the night before her party and she hated it.  So much so that she convinced my mom that she needed a new one.  So, an hour before the party, she recieved a store bought princess cake.

The party guests....

Sweet Penelope

The BFF - Madison

Porter was there but he was bored.


Cousin Whitney

Aunt Ally and Cousin Bryce

The first time we lit the candle, Madison blew it out!  So we covered Madi's mouth.  HA!

She put this one on immediately!


The pinata was a lot of fun!  The kids had a little trouble hitting it hard enough for the candy to come out, but luckily Bryce has some sort of pro sports in his future and was able to bust the thing open! 

(Yes, my child is wearing rain boots and a nightgown at her party.  Whatever. )


 My friends are awesome.  They come celebrate Cameryn's birthday and don't complain when I run around snapping pics of them.  And apparently, when the camera comes out, that's their que to act all gangster.

Cameryn loves Kyle because we told her that he's the one who helped Lightning McQueen win the Piston Cup.  She sat and looked at him in awe.  Which is perfect for him because he's got some kind of baby phobia. 

Spam.  At the kids table.  With beer.

Janette is obviously confused at to why Spam is at the kids table with beer.  She shouldn't be that shocked.  I mean, she's the one who told Cam at the last birthday party that the book had too many words and she'd have to read it later.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come celebrate Cameryn's birthday with us!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!

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