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We had Cameryn's birthday party the day before we went on vacation.  (Party pics will come on another day.)  Cameryn had a lot of fun at her party, but her favorite thing were the princess dresses that she received as gifts.  Ariel was her favorite and she stripped down in front of her guests to put this one on.

Off to Florida we go!  My in-laws live in The Villages, Florida's Friendlest (Retirement) Hometown.  Ever heard of it?  It's fantastic and beautiful.  The lawns are perfectly manicured.  The people are friendly.  Golf carts are the main mode of transportation.  There is some kind of entertainment every night so you can never be bored.  My favorite part about The Villages?  It's the only place that I can go on vacation and actually leave feeling like I had a vacation!  There are so many times that I go on vacation and feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!

The kids love to feed the birds at Spanish Springs.

The twins, Anna and Laura, watched from their stroller.

In honor of Breast Cancer, the fountains were dyed pink.

Cameryn's favorite place to eat was Gators Dockside.  Why?  Because there are animals everywhere!

At home, we sat on the lanai (the fancy Villages term for a screened in porch!) and let the kids run around.

Anna watched while sitting with Grammy.

Laura tried to keep up with everyone.

Eventually, Anna was up and moving too.

I couldn't stop taking pics of these cuties!



We said goodbye to Matt, Maggie, and the twins on Wednesday morning and we loaded up and headed to Downtown Disney.  We didn't go to Disney World.  We have our reasons. It's an expensive trip that they probably won't remember.  Plus, I would rather go when they are all capable of walking on their own and don't need a stroller.  Disney World isn't going anywhere, we've got time!  Last year we took Cameryn to Sea World and she really enjoyed it.

They liked the Lego store!



We went to Rainforest Cafe for lunch and they sat us right between the elephants.  Cameryn was in heaven.  I wish that I would have snapped a picture of her face when the elephants started moving around and making noice.  She was in heaven!

Every night the kids snuggled with Pop-Pop. 

Cameryn loved riding on Grammy's (street legal!) California Roadster golf cart.  This thing is awesome, and, no matter where you go you can bet that people will stop and ask you about it.  It's truly one of a kind!


Here's the view from the back of the roadster.

Cameryn and Bryce love the golf carts but these scooters took the cake.

We met up with our friens while we were in Orlando.  Cameryn and Sofia are two months apart and haven't see each other since they were about 3 mo old!  They were instant princess BFF's.

Cameryn received this princess castle for her birthday from Grammy and Pop-Pop.  Her reaction?  "Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!"  Followed by hand clapping and big smiles!

Cameyrn enjoyed breakfast with Mikey.  She loves cats and thanks to me being allergic we cannot have one.  Poor Mikey.  He gets more exercise the week that we come to visit than he does all year!

Baby alligators!

Another birthday celebration!  This time it was a joint dinner with Grammy since Grammy's birthday was just a few days after we left.

Friday night dancing at Lake Sumter Landing.

Cousins dancing. 

And this is what too much vacation does to a Princess.  Lights out.

I love vacation.  I miss it already.

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