A Letter to Cameryn on her Third Birthday

5:00 AM

Dear Cameryn,

You are the first. The one who has taught us how to be parents.  You made us realize how full one heart can be. You have put up with all the parenting experiments and handled my tantrums with grace, most of the time.  You're the one that brought us together and made us forever a family, not just a couple.  You don't yet know the power that comes with being the first child, but you try to exert what power you do know daily.

We are constantly telling you that you are not the boss.  Listening and patience are not your best virtues.  I’m constantly telling you to get out of my kitchen and your Daddy is constantly telling you to listen and not to talk back to us.  You're sassy.  Sometimes downright mean.  But don’t get me wrong, you're a lover.  Two dogs, a hamster, several best friends, a sometime boyfriend, and a truckload of time-out’s later, you are the most loving three year old that I could have asked for.  

I never could have imagined how much we love we have for you.  When you are sick, our heart breaks. When you're a complete terror, our head aches and our heart breaks. When you are sad and crying, we want to cry as well.  But when you're happy and full of life, we relish in it. 

You may be three, but you'll always be our baby.  You're learning who you are.  We're watching you turn into a little tom-boy lady… watching you learn about the world… watching you learn to read. watching you figure out the thing called friends… watching you watching me… watching you grow.

I just pray that you grow to be amazing, loving, humble, and awestruck by God.

Grow little one.. just slow down a bit!

Happy Birthday, Cameryn!

We love you so, so much!

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