My Pinterest Pretties...

6:00 AM

I did a lot of pinning last week.
Are you on Pinterest? Speak up! And if you want to follow my boards, I’m here.

I love this idea... Make a bench from your unused crib!

An outdoor sink that connects to the hose?!  Perfect!

I love everything about this.

Source: None via Laurin on Pinterest

I want this little guy!

Source: via Laurin on Pinterest

Finally! A use for the wrapping paper scraps!


I love this room.  I really, really love the contrast of the bright white with the black handrails. 

I have this refillable Dawn dish soap dispenser in my house.  Except mine is NOT this pretty.  Spray paint + monogram = awesome.

I'm sorry if the links don't work.  The pictures won't show up so I have to save the pic, then embed the source.  What size should I be making my pics when I embed them?

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