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We love Cameryn's school - the owners are extremely hands on, the classes are small, the price is well within our budget, and most of all, Cameryn enjoys going to school each day. 

Cameryn was with the same teacher for two years and adored her.  When she was moved to the older two's class, she was placed with a new teacher and she had a difficult time adjusting to her, especially since her two besties were moved to the 3's class.  Cameryn was moved to the 3's class at the beginning of August and has done really well interacting and keeping up with her peers who have all been 3 for several months.  I'll admit that I was unsure of the ability of the 3's teacher as I had a few previous interactions with her and wasn't impressed with what I saw.  That being said, Cameryn likes her and she enjoys going to school everyday.  My child is intelligent, but she's no genius.  She's not going to be accepted into Mensa.  She's an almost three year old who can recognize letters, numbers, and letter sounds.  She can hop on one foot, she can use scissors, draw straight and squiggly lines, she uses the correct tense 95% of the time, etc.  She is developmentally on track and I'm not pushing her to be the best three year old that ever existed.  She's a kid and she deserves to be one right now. 

Recently, however, I have had some concerns about Cameryn's new teacher.  Each day we receive a paper that outlines what Cameryn did each day and on more than one occasion there have been several misspelling or misuse of tense.  This irks me.  I always show Chris and he just laughs it off, "Saying, it's not a big deal, it's just the parents paper."  My thought is the exact opposite, shouldn't a paper that you are sending to the parents be proof read 500x times?  Don't you want to come across as an intelligent person?

Yesterday, I met with Cameryn's teacher to go over curriculum and expectations for the year.  She showed me some paperwork that Cameryn had done and asked me to work with Cameryn on matching a number (9) to the same number of items (9 teddy bears) as she had difficulty doing this in class.  She also told me that they "don't cut with scissors in class."  I asked why, and she told me that they just haven't had a chance.  Warning bells went off in my head.  Whatevs, no problem, I thought, we cut with scissors at home.  She asked me what I would like for her, as a teacher, to work on.  I said that I would like for her to work with Cameryn on how to properly hold a writing utensil.  She said, "I do try.  But with 11 other children in the class, I just can't."   I was dumbfounded.  Seriously, lady, did you really just say that to me?  Then, she handed me two books, one with numbers in it for Cameryn to look at, trace, color, etc. and one with letters.  Except the book looked like this.

I'm sure you're laughing as much as I was at the "alphabet book" for my child.  And, after that, I got up and left.  I didn't stay for the parent meeting with the owners.  I just left.  I ran a daycare.  I taught preschool.  I'm an educator, a parent, and an educated human being.  Obviously, my child is not being taught by the same.  I was disgruntled, dumbfounded, and most of all, disappointed.

Chris asked the owners yesterday, when he dropped Cam off, that Cameryn not take a nap during the day because she stays up until 10pm when she naps.  Chris was told that she would be allowed to stay awake but that if she was too loud that she would be asked to lay quietly on her mat.  Fine, no problem, right?  Except, she napped yesterday.  Because she was asked to, not because she was being loud, but because she was made.  She was up until 10pm last night.  So, this morning Chris asked, again, for Cameryn not to nap today and he was told that it is required by DSS law that three and four year olds nap.  I was annoyed for several reasons, (1) why was he told yesterday by the same person that her not taking a nap was fine?  (2) Why didn't she spit out that info yesterday when he inquired about it?  (3)  Does she think that I am a freaking idiot?  The owners know that I ran a daycare, that I did their job.  They know that I know these by-laws like the back of my hand.  Don't take me for a fool.  You can guess what I did next.  I went to the DSS website and found the by-law that states, "Napping expectations and time periods shall be developmentally appropriate and meet the needs of the individual child."  (, pg. 20, 114-506 PROGRAM, A, item 9) 

Now, armed with this information, I get to confront the owners and talk to them, gently, about my concerns for both my child and my relationship with them.  Don't get me wrong, I get why they want the kids to nap, because it's a break for them.  As a mommy, I get that.  However, no matter how wonderful they are or how many times I recommend them to others, I know that people get lazy, rules are broken, and people don't always do their jobs as they should.  I walked around Cameryn's classroom yesterday looking at the toys, inspecting the facility, asking questions, just to be sure.  Because, as parents, that is what we should do.  We want to know that the facility where our child spends most of their day, is a loving and safe environment.  I know that my child is loved by her teachers and her peers.  I know that she is safe.  But today, for the first time in a long time, I have doubts about the standard of care that she is receiving.

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