The Adventures of Flat Stanley

7:20 AM

We're headed to Florida today, but we're not alone!

Meet Flat Stanley.

I received Flat Stanley in the mail on Thursday, from my favorite third grader, along with the following (un-edited) letter:

Dear Lauren,                                                      This is flat stanley.   We read about him in his book.  In her book he was flattened by a buliton board.  We are leabrnng about charecters in his book.  We are sending you stanley because we are Learning about the regons of S.C.  We are learning the climate and charecterictics.  He is also helping us learn the writing process.  I want you to take good care of him.  Take him around town, eat at your favorite place, don't get him wet, take pictures, write about adventures, and most of all bring him back by the end of October. 

Accompanied by this letter from the teacher:

Dear Ms. Search,

My third graders at XYZ Elementary School in South Carolina recently read the book, Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown.  This funny story is about a boy named Flat Stanley and his adventures.  In one part of the story, Stanley is folded and mailed in an envelope to his best friend's house in California.  We asked our parents to provide names of family or friends who would be willing to help us with out project.  The parents of one of our students have given your name to us.                  In third grade, we learn about the 6 land regions of South Carolina.  Please teach Stanley a little bit about the place you live and, please write back to us about what Stanley learned about your area.  We'd love to know what landmarks are in your area, what drives the economy in your area, and what the land is like in your area.  These details will help us to be able to discriminate between land regions within our state.  In some instances, students did not know any friends or relatives within the state.  If you are out of our state, we'd still love to know these things about your area.  We will read your letter and mark our map to learn about the places Stanley visited.  It would be wonderful if you could include a few pictures, postcards, and souvenirs from your area.  There is no "time limit", but know that we will anxiously be awaiting your letter!  We'd love to have them back within one month.  Also, please remember to send Stanley back with your letter!  Thank you in advance for your helping us with our project.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Isn't that cute?!  We've got Stanley loaded up and ready to go!  What should we teach him about along the way?

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