Photo Dump

6:00 AM

I have 200+ photos on my camera that I haven't uploaded. 
 I won't bore you with all 200 but I'll share some of the most recent.

A co-worker sent me some princess stickers for Cameryn.
She shared them with Porter.
He is so patient with her but it is obvious he is not fond of the Cinderella stickers.
Don't worry, Porter, she's not my fave princess either!

No afternoon in the backyard is complete without a bathing suit, water shoes, a floppy hat, and garden gloves that are two sizes too big.

I have no idea where that balloon came from.

Learning how to play Mario Kart with dad on an early Saturday morning.

Sweet Emme and Cam trying to blow up their party favors!

Little Taylor was so funny.  She carried that ball everywhere.

"Cameryn, when I told you that I would read this book I didn't know that it had so many words.  I thought that it had more pictures.  Can we read it later?"
Aunt Janette thought she was being so sly by saying that.
5 minutes later Cameryn asked her to read it again!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emme!

These are my spice sisters.  I heart them.  Big time.

Hey, we can fit in the bouncy house too!

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