9:55 AM

It's hot ya'll.
Like 100+ degrees hot.
it's mid week! 
Join in the What I'm Loving Wednesday fun with Jamie!

I'm loving this fun bike!
I think I need a fun bike and this one is perfect. 
Well, it'd be more perfect if it was cheaper.
But, one can dream.


I'm loving the thought of a riding vacuum cleaner.  Nevermind that it looks like a giant slug or that it probably has the battery life of dustbuster. 
Wouldn't this make life a helluva lot easier?  
The kids could do it.  Husbands could do it. 
We could even get spinners for this ride, because everyone needs a pimped out vacuum.

I'm loving fresh pineapple.
I may have consumed this entire container in one day.
What?  I was hungry.

I'm loving these master bedrooms.



I'm loving my giant lunch salads!
When it is 100 degrees outside, I crave salad.
This one is complete with baby spinach, red onions, sweet baby peppers, mushrooms, mandarin oranges, apples, fat free feta, grape tomatoes and craisins!
Topped with Ken's Light Options Sweet Vidalia Dressing.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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