'A Pep Talk in Every Drop!'

9:48 AM

I woke up this morning feeling like I swallowed glass.
It's great, really, and considering that I don't have tonsils, and haven't had strep throat since the third grade, it's gotta be viral.
Fun!  Yay me.

You know what's even better? 
Encouraging words from a cough drop.

I can do it and I know it! 
There's nothing that I can't handle.
Yeah, thanks.
My day is soooo much better now.

I took 800mg of motrin hoping that it will help. 
Because those peppy throat soothing cough drops are liars.
Liars, I tell you!
I cannot handle a sore throat.

Tomorrow is a big day.
It's Shana's Bridal Shower and Hen Party.
I really hope that I'm on the mend soon.

Got any fun plans for the weekend?

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