Extreme Measures

6:00 AM

Extreme Spas (aka money wasting) are all the new rage.
These are my personal faves.

This is an actual spa treatment in Japan. 
The wine bath.
First, this is such a waste of wine.
Second, notice that people are drinking the wine.
(Note to self:  If yours is a little warmer than your neighbor's, watch out!
It could be self made chardonnay.)
Third, would my blonde hair turn purple from wine like it turns green from chlorine?

Bird poo.
All over your face.
You're actually paying for shit.  On. your. face.
Here's an idea: Go outside and sit under a tree. 
Bird Shit.

For those who like to relax...

The broom massage (from Russia!)
You pay someone to whack you in the back with a "broom of fragrant oak leaves."
I'll whack ya with the broom from my closet and spray some febreeze at the same time.
Fine, go get whacked with their smelly broom, but bring me back one of those funny hats.

The snake massage. 

Want to see more?
Check it out the whole list here.

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