Is it Wine:30 yet?

10:52 AM

"It is not a bad thing that children should occasionally, and politely, put parents in their place. " ~Colette, My Mother's House, 1922

I couldn't help but laugh at Cameryn yesterday as she attempted to climb on the ladder out of the deep end at the pool with a swimmy on each arm and a giant monkey floaty around her middle. 
"Mommy, you're making me mad," says Cameryn as she climbs on the ladder out of the pool. 
"Why am I making you mad, Cameryn?"
"Because it's not funny."
"Okay, Cameryn.  I am sorry that I laughed at you.  Will you forgive me?"
"No.  Not nice, Mommy.  I'm mad."  She proceeded to stomp her way back to the chair, hips swinging, plop down on the ground, arms crossed, pout in full force.
"Cameryn, I am sorry.  Please come back in the pool or we're going to have to go home."
"Fine," she says as she gently steps into the pool and swims toward me.  "Can you take me to the big ladder again?"
Back to the ladder we go, she climbs out, I was sure to contain my laughter this time, but the entire conversation repeated itself - for absolutely no reason at all.  She continued to tell me that she was mad.  When I asked why?  Because she was sad.  When I asked why?  Because I was a mean mommy.

"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare." ~Ed Asner

I didn't apologize, I hadn't done anything.  I coaxed her back into the pool.  (Okay, okay, I threatened her with leaving if she didn't.) She swims up to me and says, "You're making me mad, Mommy.  You need to stop." 
"Cameryn, you need to watch your mouth and be nice."
"No, Mommy, you need to watch your mouth."

Whothehellisthischild.  Because I know that my sweet two year old would not say that to me.  But she did.  And I pulled her out of the pool, screaming, and we left.

The screams continued throughout bath time.  My head started to pound.  There would be no wine for me tonight, only Excedrin migraine.  And then, in a total Mommy Failure, while she continued to scream and kick and pout when getting her pj's on, (I admit that) I told her to shut up. 

No, she didn't understand what it meant, she had never heard it before so it didn't phase her, but this time I apologized.  She continued to scream and kick and pout so I stuck her in her favorite corner.  She calmed down enough for us to talk about her behavior and I let her watch one of her fave shows before bedtime.  I think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.  Finally.

"Parents are not interested in justice; they are interested in quiet."  ~ Bill Cosby

Later, Chris and I were talking about her night and he said, "It could be my fault. I told her this morning that she was making me mad."  Great, thanks, moose!  (That's our little joke.  One day Chris said, "Thanks, dear."  And I said, "No problem, Moose."  And it stuck.)  My mom failure wasn't his fault, but I'm not beating myself up over it.  I'm not perfect. 

This morning she was better, much better, but I warned her when I dropped her off at school that if she was not a nice girl and did not obey her teachers that they would stick her in the corner until she could behave.  To which her teacher replied, "She never gives us a problem.  Yesterday I spoke to her because she didn't take a nap and was acting out. {insert head slap here}  OH NO!  I circled that she took a nap on her paper, I am so sorry!"

So, that explains the drama of Thursday.  No nap. 

But, it's a new day.
I love Friday. 
I'm looking forward to Saturday even more and seeing my BFF's tomorrow at Emme's second birthday party! 
Plus, they'll be birthday cake. 
I love cake.

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