Life Happens

10:48 AM

I didn't mean to neglect the blog for an entire week, but life happens.

Last Thursday, my dad called with news similar to the phone call that I received in May of last year, I broke down crying.  This time, he was going to have open heart surgery to replace a leaky valve and I was terrified.  I didn't sleep much on Thursday night.  I prayed and paced and watched mindless television until my body was exhausted and I slept.  I woke Friday, still scared.  The tears flowed freely all day long.  Nong, my dad's sweet wife, emailed my brother and I with updates saying that the surgery went well, that once again, my dad was going to be just fine.  Dad was in ICU for three days and was moved to a "normal" room on Monday.  He's been passing all of his exertion tests and will be released on Saturday.  Obviously, his recovery is going to be a long road and he won't be able to go-go-go like he usually does (15 flights and 6 countries in 16 days is totally normal for him) but he will be okay.
My dad. 


My mom came into town on Friday.  She doesn't know about my dad's health issues (she doesn't read the blog, she's never been that supportive of anything that I have done, that's just the way that my mom is.) My parents had a nasty divorce and my mom and I have had a rocky relationship.  She tends to live in the past and has a difficult time forgiving and moving on.  She dwells on all of the bad things that have happened to her and sometimes being around her can be irritating.  This was one of those weekends.  I do appreciate all that she does for us, but sometimes..... (and yes, I realize how horrible this is to say) sometimes.... I just want to stuff her mouth with a sock and send her to a corner so she can think about the negativity that seeps out of her.  Let me explain, Friday night we went to dinner.  Cameryn was tired.  I was tired.  We waited 30-45 minutes for a table and finally ate dinner at 7:30, which is about an hour later than we normally do.  Cameryn had multiple melt-downs and Chris and I walked her in and out of the restaurant several times to discipline her.  My mom kept asking Cameryn if she wanted to come sit with Grandma.  Cameryn kept telling her no.  My mom then said, multiple times, "Well, maybe Grandma should just go home."  It really pissed me off.  Cameryn is three.  She's old enough to make her own decisions as to where she wants to sit and who she wants to sit next too.  This keeps the peace.  Not to mention, we don't force Cameryn to like people, to say "I Love You", to give hugs and kisses.  My mom does not understand this.  So each and every time Cameryn ignored her, she would say "Maybe Grandma should just go home." 

Saturday morning, after the 150th time that my mom said that, I looked her dead in the eye, and said, "Yes, maybe you should.  You've said it multiple times in the 12 hours that you have been at our house, so go."  Rude?  Perhaps.  I wasn't holding her hostage, she wanted to come visit, so my mom having her feelings hurt by a three year old and in turn making Cameryn feel like a bad person, was just ridiculous.  She didn't go and instead told me that my child watches too much tv and how my parenting skills need some work.  She also told Cameryn that the furniture that Cameryn has in her room was the furniture that "Grandma bought mommy when Grandma's mommy died." Seriously. Because it's an entirely appropriate conversation for a three year old and a three year old really needs to hear that. Luckily, Cameryn looked at her like the crazy person that she is and rolled right over it.My mom also made multiple comments about my dad (which made my blood boil considering the circumstances), how living in Asia ruined her life, how my brother was "no-good" just like my father. 

I am an adult child of my parents divorce.  Adult.  Child.  No child should ever have to hear their parents talk bad about the other, no matter how old they are. 

Her attitude was so bad that Chris eventually just stopped talking to her.  Cameryn really didn't pay much attention to her (kids are a fantastic judge of character.)  And, when Cameryn did want my mom's attention, my mom acted as if she didn't have enough time in her day.  I tried to be nice and get my mom out of the house so that Chris wouldn't be forced to be around her.  I tried to ignore the hurtful comments and be positive.  Chris and I were texting each other funny things back and forth, just to lighten the mood. 


The weekend couldn't end fast enough.

We did do some fun things - Cameryn had her first gymnastics class.  The dog that we rescued the weekend before found a home (did I even blog about that?!) 

The week started with a trip to the doctor - Cameryn has a bladder infection.

But, God is good.  My dad is going to be okay.  Cameryn is getting better each day.  I had a much needed day off yesterday and had my hair done by my miracle worker hairstylist.  I feel like a new person.  We made progress on the baby's room. 

Life happens.

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