Weekly Update - 24 Weeks

11:30 AM

Size of Baby: Baby J was measuring 1-lb 7-oz at our ultrasound on Tuesday.

Big Sister Cameryn:  Cameryn wanted to come with us to the ultrasound on Tuesday.  She did really well and liked seeing her baby sister "in" my belly, although she wasn't too sure about seeing me on the table, I think it scared her.  We gave her two pictures to take to school and she showed all of her friends her baby sister.  She's so sweet - when I leave to go to work or when I tell her goodnight, she always tells her sister her same.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +7.  Let me explain it to you in picture form.

What I feel like:

What I actually look like: 

Yeah, it's blurry.  Sorry. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Though at home I'm still wearing regular clothes.

Gender: Girl

Movement:  She's a mover and a kicker, she especially likes to kick my bladder.  She actually does well with her days and nights right now, I hope that it stays that way.  

Sleep: I haven't slept well this week but it's not because I'm pregnant, it's because I have a 3 yr old who wanders around in the middle of the night and swears that she can get up at 4:45am.
Symptoms:  I had one helluva leg cramp on Monday morning that has left my calf muscle sore the remainder of this week.  I was definitely doing the penguin wobble for two days because of it.  I've also had a lot of pain in my ribcage on my right side.  I'm praying that this child will stay out of my ribcage, I wasn't so lucky with Cameryn and ended up with bruised and broken ribs.
What I Miss:  Being able to put my shoes on without feeling like I need help.

Cravings:  I've had the urge to bake this week.  I'm not eating a lot of sweets, but baking them sure is fun!

Best Moment This Past Week: Seeing this sweet face during the ultrasound.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Picking out items for her room!  I finally decided on bedding and now I can pick out paint and lamps and curtains and pictures....

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