The Monday Real

10:17 AM

I read blogs.  Cooking blogs, decorating blogs, mommy blogs, women who work blogs and it's inevitable that at some point in time during the daily read, I'm going to start comparing myself to others. 
How do some women do it?  How can some women really have time to do it all?  The answer, to me, is simple, they don't. 
I love this link-up.  It's such an awesome reminder to stop comparing our insides to other peoples' outsides.  Because, as women who blog, that's what we do.  We compare.  And we need to stop. 

So, link up, and keep it real.


I came home on Friday and this was in my kitchen. 

My first thought and I stood in front of this foreign contraption?  WTF is that?! Followed immediately by, We have one of those?!  To which I reminded myself, that yes, we do have an ironing board, it was in the office.  I wouldn't know how it got to the kitchen because I don't know how to iron.  I throw my clothes in the dryer when they are wrinkly, but god bless my husband, he irons when I need it.

Somehow I can keep everything organized, except for my own spaces. 
This is my nightstand.  It houses old cd's, some mail, pictures, and apparently, my old Blackberry.  Truth?  I couldn't even get the top drawer open, I had to shove my hand in there and finagle everything to get the drawer out.

My closet.  I have the smallest closet in our house.  I am not even kidding.  My husbands is twice this size.  Perhaps if I got rid of some of this crap that I would have more room. 
That purple thing?  It's a guitar.  That I don't play.

Shoe boxes, a grocery bag, old lesson plans.  And look in that silver basket!  Something that had to do with our wedding.

A snuggie, several pairs of running shoes, an old duffel bag, and a rug.  All common closet items.

Oh look, my maternity clothes hiding behind my regular clothes

More maternity clothes.  This is why I need a husband who can iron.

My bags.  Lots and lots of bags. 

What's your Real look like?

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