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Brittany wrote an awesome post about how so many moms have to be lying - there's just no way that so many babies sleep through the night from day one.  She also points out that it is these same mom's who say that they have a spotless house and have definitely found the motherhood / life balance and life is just full of rainbows and unicorns and smiley, happy people.

You laughing, yet?  I did.  Those mom's are so full of it.

Brittany's right, you know.  Babies don't sleep and life isn't always grand.  My blond haired beauty sure as heck didn't sleep through the night (and we're talking 4-5 hour stretches) until she was almost 15 months old.  I was a zombie.  Cameryn is now 3 and she still wanders through the house at 3am, just because. 

And yes, mom's lie.  They lie because its easier and they don't want to admit defeat from a tiny, screaming child.  But we have to wave that white flag at some point. We have to admit that its easier to sit and cry with your child when you are both exhausted.  We have to admit that all of us have piles of laundry, dust on the mantle, rooms that need to be painted, lawns that grow weeds, and a house with at least one room that looks like something out of hoarders.

Brittany started something with her honesty... Jess, a stay at home mama with 4 cute kiddos (two under the age of 2, she's my hero), went one step further and showed the world how her house looks on a daily basis.  Hailey, another stay at home mama to one boy (bless her - I have no idea what to do with boys.) joined in and showed pics of her house

So, I'm baring all today and I'm going to show you pics of my humble abode.  I'm a full-time working mom.  I'm also a bit of a neat freak married to a total slob.  I would like to walk into a sparkling clean home 5 nights a week, but it doesn't happen, so these pics make my nerves sizzle.  Truth is, I clean bathrooms, dust and put things away on the weekends.  I tidy up the house most nights.  Laundry is done on Wednesday nights, Saturday and Sunday.

Walk with me, and welcome home.

The living room - this room never gets totally messy because I wouldn't be able to concentrate otherwise.  Today you can see Cameryn's pjs from the night before, right where she left them this morning when she got dressed.  Oh, and see that little box on the floor, to the left of the fireplease?  That's a Christmas decoration, it's a light display from Lowe's, Chris brought it home for a penny.  Cameryn and her friends love it, I'm ready for it to be trashed.  One other awesome thing that should be noted - we repainted our house at the end of September and we still don't have everything hung back up on the walls. 

Oh, look, we have our ornament-free Christmas tree up.  We know that it needs to come down, we just haven't done it yet.  I probably would have done it weeks ago, but Chris won't let me get on a ladder and the box for the tree is in the attic. 

The kitchen is usually a mess because its the heart of our home.  Mail, groceries, Cameryn's school papers, stuffed animals, lunchboxes - they all end up here. And there's also a breast-pump-in-a-bag, making its home on a chair, and, it has been there for 2 weeks. 
However, this area is also cleaned each night before I go to bed (minus the breast pump).  I cannot wake up to a dirty kitchen.

So after I took the picture, I put the breast-pump-in-a-bag in the office.

This is Chris' pile of junk (minus my Nook and a bottle of nail polish that was just used to paint Cam's nails).  I don't attempt to clean it and I am not responsible for anything that may get wet while doing dishes.

Our bedroom.  Can you guess which side is mine?

And now, the office, what is soon to be the baby's room.  We moved the nursery furniture in here months ago (minus the crib).  There's also a coffee table hidden in the corner behind the chair, an ironing board still in its packaging, a bookcase, and the hamster.

Oh look, baby stuff.

The office closet, the home to a green tent, wrapping supplies, and a giant tub of Cameryn's old clothes. 
I expect this room to get a lot better over the next few weeks.  Chris built a closet upstairs (there's no pics, sorry) so that all of this stuff can move up there.  We've also decided to purge a lot of it.  Because it's just stuff. 

Cameryn's room.  This room is always pretty clean.  Because if she doesn't clean it up, I throw it away.

So there you have it.  My house, on a daily basis.  It's dirty and messy.  But it's home.

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