Messy Mom Monday

2:38 PM

Ah, Monday.
The one day of the week where I can link up and make myself feel normal.
You need to do it, too.
You'll feel so much better about yourself.

My kid bounced off the walls and the chairs all weekend thanks to the rain. 

Oh, look, trash.

Papers.  Always papers.

Breakfast.  Still on the counter and in the sink.  At lunch.

Sleeping dogs. 

Me.  In my "normal" clothes.

Oh, look.  The dogs that belong to my favorite people ever.  And!  A Christmas decoration.

 I attempted to start packing to make room for baby.  I put the box together.  Have to start somewhere...

The one semi-clean room in the house.

My girl.  And that damn Christmas decoration.

 Link up.  Show us how normal you are.

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